Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sew along for Front Bow-tie Dress - Part 1

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I hear you and I"m with you in the choice of the dress. I"m going to do a sew along for the Front Bow-tie dress that was on the cover of the book.

It was my favourite too and I decided to sew it for my colleague's wedding this Sunday.

So, if you haven't bought the book yet, get it. You'll not regret it. I'll give a step by step guide here but the pattern pieces will not be available here as it is copyrighted. 

So here, part 1 of the sew-along. Oh, by the way, I've uploaded a list of useful Japanese sewing terms in my new tab. You can refer to them if you stumble over any of the words in the book.

Pattern pieces for C3 (page 32)
Front piece (C)
Back piece (C)
Sleeve (C3)
Bow-tie front piece (C3)
Front neck facing (C)
Back neck facing (C)

Light weight fabric like cotton, linen or seeksucker should do fine.  For S and M size, the book recommend to buy 2.3m of 150cm wide fabric. 

I'm 160m with small bust but big butt, so I went for size M.  As this is like a A-line dress, the bust size is more important so take reference from here.  You can refer to the size chart given in the book to find your size.

Other material includes some light weight iron-on interfacing for the neck facings and some elastic band (0.7cm or 1cm) for the sleeves.  Need about 30cm for M size. Or you can just measure your arm to get the measurement.

1. Cut out the pattern pieces, add in the seam allowance.  It is all 1cm unless otherwise stated on the cutting diagram. Mark the notch, tuck lines and centre of the sleeve.

2. Iron on the interfacing to the Wrong Side of the 2 neck pieces as shown. Don't iron on the seam allowance.

To be Continued for Part 2 tomorrow on sewing the Tucks/pleats.

So run down to Kinokuniya tomorrow to buy the book and sew along with me : )


jean said...

Ohh.. you have cut it already!! ok I have ordered the book because kino is out of stock.. it will take a while to reach me... but please go ahead with this and I will do mine when the book arrives :) can't wait!


Eunice said...

I"m glad you are joining in with me. This will be more of a guide to help you along when you sew as I can't put in too much info due to copyright issue. You can see the photo and refer to them when you are stuck. The book will have more info and I'll be glad to help when you need some translation on other patterns in the book.
Happy sewing : )