Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty pettiskirt

My wishlist has one item down and that's a pettiskirt! I've managed to make one for my girl this week. I've followed the tutorial from Made-it-and-love-it. It was a great tutorial. The pretty picture of her girl made me want to try one immediately. But wait, gotta order the non-fray chiffon overseas.

I took her advice to order from here and the service was great! My delivery was delayed due to the mixup at the Singapore Post office but the sale person Martin was specially nice and patience with me in directing me to the relevant people. Finally got it last week. I order 2 colour schemes as I wanted to make 2 for my 2 girls - blue and pink!

Since I"m kinda want to stretch my dollar, I order double of the quantity for 1 pettiskirt so that I can save more in bulk purchase. But, the result is, I got to measure and cut the longggg slippery chiffon. It got especially messy when I've to measure out 1080" TWICE! Sigh..on hindsight, should have just order the exact amount to save my time in measuring...Anyway, I've used my towel holder to help me roll out the chiffon for cutting : )
The ruffle part is particularly therapetic! I love how the sewing machine does the job and it felt magical.

And from the ruffles, came the final skirt!

skirt is really full as it's double layers and so so soft!

Notice the big safety pin infront?? I haven't got the ribbon in the correct pink shade so it's still 1% undone. Will sew that in later. I did 1 thing different from her tutorial. That is the elastic band. Didn't put it till I finish the whole skirt which I find it to be easier since you don't have the long pieces of ribbons getting into your way. The whole chiffon and ruffles really can messed up the sewing.

This is really a labour of love. It's not difficult but really time consuming to measure and sewing through longggg longgg pieces of chiffon. But the result is really amazing! Love the pink and can't wait for my girl to wear them. Will post picture of her wearing when I get the ribbon done!

If you are thinking of doing this, go ahead and order the chiffon. It's really save alot of time cutting the width. I don't see the pre-cut ones in Singapore. I've ordered mine 6" wide as my girl is 6 years old and needed the length. The satin waist piece is bought from Arab Street at $4/yard. But you actually don't use 1 yard for this. I intend to use the left over chiffon and satin to make a match top.

Now, I need to take a break before I start on the other blue one for the younger sister. Anyone wants to join me in sewing the pettiskirt? We can sew together virtually : )

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jean said...

this is gorgeous!! but i am not sure if my girl will wear hehe!