Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Award

I was recently given this blog award by the kind people at Craft Corners. I was very happy and humbled and really really happy! Did I say that 3 times?!! Yes, I was that elated.

Setting up the blog and keeping up with sewing and blogging is not easy. Coupled with a full time day job and a 24/7 mummy job to 2 young children, I sometimes find it a struggle to upkeep the mojo of sewing and blogging. Sometimes my priority are wrong and my supportive husband had to take over the care of the girls while I sew away madly in another room.

But, I'll try to balance the sewing with my family and kick myself when I lost my focus : )

Sewing is a hobby and if God's will, it may turn into something beautiful in His time. So, in the meantime, I'll just be happy to sew for my kids, family and friends, and occasionally some custom orders.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink Polka Ruffle Dress

I made this pretty dress from this Japanese book for my youngest girl.  The book was bought from Kinokuniya Singapore.  The pattern was the first pattern on the book. The original design called for a linen ruffle dress but since I've got this pink cotton polka dots and my girl really loves pink, I made it anyway.

It was good practice for me to use some of the methods mentioned in the book.  Like the ruffle at the neckline.  I had to press frequently to make sure that the ruffle stay in place. Found a matching pink Strawberry button for the dress.

The ric rac details on the pocket is another of my favorite.  I can't believe that it was so easy and it really make the dress extra special.

And the bias tape binding at the arm holes.  Recognise the fabric from my Peter Pan Collar Top?

She wore it to church on Sunday and received a lot of compliment from friends. The book also cover a lot of other patterns like pants, blouse and even knit jackets. I'm happy to got this book since the items have many small details that really enhance the look and feel of the pieces.

If you are interested, you can look out for it at Amazon or your local bookstore. The pattern comes in size 90cm to 120cm which I think is for 1 year to 7 years, depending on the size of your kids.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sewing Books

I've been shopping lately....

Bought myself lots of sewing books....

I know I should have resisted....

But I just can't help it....

This is my second addiction, besides fabric...

Want to see what I've bought?

Mrs Stylebook - Spring 2011 and Summer 2011 issues 
- bought them from Kinokuniya Singapore. Only manage to get the back issues as the current issue was sold out!

Some of the patterns that I would love to try in this book

ruffle layer dress
sleeveless jumper dress

chiffon dress with lacey skirt

- also got them from Kinokuniya Singapore. Love this knot layer dress.

And finally, I order the subscription for Ottobre magazines! I've been thinking for some time now to order and I'm glad I did. I order 4 issues/year of children magazine and they gave me 1 free back issue. Added another back issue for both children and woman. Even though I was told to wait up to 3 weeks, I think I got them in 2nd week. So happy! 

If you are familiar with japanese sewing pattern, this is quite similar in that the pattern pieces for all sizes are layer on top of one another. But instruction given is without the step by step pictorial guide but with written instructions. So, if you are a beginner, I would suggest to wait and see first. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Peter Pan Collar Top

I found Kinokuniya Orchard carry the Cucito magazine! The last time I saw one was at Popular at Bishan Junction 8.

I love the Cucito Spring 2012 magazine issue as there are a few woman pattern besides the cute children clothes and bags/hats. One of it is this Peter Pan Collar Top. It also comes in dress but I feel that the long dress version looks like a maternity wear!

The back has a row of fabric covered buttons which I made using a $2 covered button kit from Daiso!

The top also has pleats at the front and back shoulder.  I think the bodice is still wide so I cut off 1.5cm from both side seams.  I also use size S instead of my usual size M since Japanese pattern usually run loose.

The pattern call for a bias tape hem at the sleeves but I decided to do some pleats instead to save the hassle of cutting another piece of fabric.

I also eliminated the bias tapes at the neckline and use white twill tape instead. It hides the raw edge and has some stretch to it to accommodate the curve neckline

I love the big peter pan collar and buttons at the back. There are some lines at the sleeve, maybe of my drooping shoulder? Or is it too tight? Anyone got any idea how to remove them?

It's a nice top and I think it will look good with my new shorts that I made using another pattern from another Cucito January 2012 issue. Share more on this later.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pillow & Bolster

Ever tried making pillow case and bolster cover? 
Seriously, it is so simple and I should have done this earlier. 

I just use my girl's existing pillow and bolster as a template.  For the pillowcase, I've gotten this cut cartoon print from a neighborhood shop at Kovan market. Added a side pocket to the pillow so that her little Dora doll can sleep with her too! 

For the bolster case, I've use some red polka dots grosgrain ribbons instead of elastic band to add the cute factor!

She just woke up and cried so her nose was a bit red.  I also made the a mattress cover for her in the same fabric so that she can have a matchy matchy nap set.  It's just simply sewing rectangles so no tutorial today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yellow Gingham Skirt

I finally got her to wear this yellow gingham skirt that I made for her. She didn't want to wear them at first because it was not pink. But it was so cute on her, don't you think?

I made the skirt from one of the Japanese sewing book that I got.

It was really easy and I love the suspender straps that cross at the back.

The skirt has an elastic at the back and flatted front which I think is prettier.

I've cut up alot of fabric for sewing so if I can steal some sewing time this week, hopefully can share them. I've so many books now and I've trouble just finding which pattern to sew first.

By the way, just to get some feedback here. Do you want to a review of the sewing books that I've? I've alot of Japanese sewing book and couple of english ones. I love them and think it is really pretty since the shape are quite simple and easy sewing if you know how to read the picture/graphs.

Let me know so I can categories it and put it on the blog.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stripe Knot Dress - A Tutorial

I've sewn up this dress some time ago but didn't have the mojo to share. Being busy buying sewing books. I'll share more in my next post but now, i'll share how I sew this up.

If you have sewn a knit t-shirt before, it's exactly the same except for the knot at the shoulder.

1) Fold in serge the neckline and fold in 0.25" and sew with a twin needle. You can also zig zag the edge or bind it with a stripe of knit.

2) Sew one shoulder seams, right side facing and leave the other unsew.

3) Cut a strip of knit about 2" wide and 16" long (depending how long you want the strap to be) and serge the edge. Then cut the strip into 2 so it becomes 2" X 8".

4) Pin one short edge of the strap to the shoulder seam, closer to the neckline. Make sure that you pin on the Right side of the dress.

5)Then, fold the shoulder seams for the front and back together, right side facing, enclosing the strap in-between. Pin and sew the shoulder seams. Note that you only sew the seams with the straps and leave the other half of the shoulder seam unsew.

6) Open up the dress and pin the sleeve in, right side facing. You should be able to pin down the unsew shoulder seams now.

7) Sew the sleeves and serge the edge.

this is how it looks now with the straps and sleeve in

8) Fold the dress, right side facing, align the side seams. Pin and sew, starting from sleeves to the hem. Serge the seams.

9) Hem the dress using twin needle or zig zag stitch.

Tie the knot and and you have a nice knot dress!

She didn't like the dress cause it's not twirly and pink! Oh well, you can't please everyone : (

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bow-tie Racerback Knit Dress

Have you seen the Little Girl's Racerback dress from Crafterhours?

I fell in love with the dress instantly and love the colorful chevron knit print. As I intend to use up my stash, I decided to use the yellow floral knit print that I bought from Chinatown sometime ago for this.

It's a bit boring to use the whole print throughout the dress so I mix it with a white knit on top for both front and back.  Change the round neck to V-neck because I didn't stretch the neckband so it was loose and making it V-neck helped to hide the sluggishness.

You like the bow in front? It was also a last minute addition since I find the dress lack something in front.

The sisters posing here..

back view

front view
 I didn't make the little sister's dress but i would love to try it someday.

She loves the new dress. It's a dancing dress and so comfy.