Friday, June 8, 2012

Stripe Knot Dress - A Tutorial

I've sewn up this dress some time ago but didn't have the mojo to share. Being busy buying sewing books. I'll share more in my next post but now, i'll share how I sew this up.

If you have sewn a knit t-shirt before, it's exactly the same except for the knot at the shoulder.

1) Fold in serge the neckline and fold in 0.25" and sew with a twin needle. You can also zig zag the edge or bind it with a stripe of knit.

2) Sew one shoulder seams, right side facing and leave the other unsew.

3) Cut a strip of knit about 2" wide and 16" long (depending how long you want the strap to be) and serge the edge. Then cut the strip into 2 so it becomes 2" X 8".

4) Pin one short edge of the strap to the shoulder seam, closer to the neckline. Make sure that you pin on the Right side of the dress.

5)Then, fold the shoulder seams for the front and back together, right side facing, enclosing the strap in-between. Pin and sew the shoulder seams. Note that you only sew the seams with the straps and leave the other half of the shoulder seam unsew.

6) Open up the dress and pin the sleeve in, right side facing. You should be able to pin down the unsew shoulder seams now.

7) Sew the sleeves and serge the edge.

this is how it looks now with the straps and sleeve in

8) Fold the dress, right side facing, align the side seams. Pin and sew, starting from sleeves to the hem. Serge the seams.

9) Hem the dress using twin needle or zig zag stitch.

Tie the knot and and you have a nice knot dress!

She didn't like the dress cause it's not twirly and pink! Oh well, you can't please everyone : (


Sewing mama said...

Mummysewpretty, I am also a mummy living in Singapore who loves sewing. Really glad to chance upon your blog. May I check where can we get twin needles to sew Knit materials? Am using a singer machine. Any idea?

Eunice said...

Hi. Nice to 'meet' you!

The twin needle can be use on most sewing machine. But you need to check the width of your needle hole. You can get it at Spotlight Orchard or a small shop in Clementi called Ban Soon which I got a lot of my needles and sewing foot for very economic price. You can google the address. They can also advise you on sewing machine parts.

Sewing mama said...

Eunice, thanks a million for your advice!! I will check out the outlets that u suggested. Happy sewing and have a great weekend ahead!! ^_^