Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sparky Tutu Skirt

My friend's little girl just turned 6 year.  I made her a sparkly tutu skirt with ribbon trim. 

The lining is purple cotton and overlay with sparkly pink tulle with elastic waistband. I sew some satin ribbon on the waistband for added interest.

I hope she'll like it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Invisible zipped cushion cover

I discovered that making an invisible zipped cushion is not that difficult.

And it save some fabric since I only got 1/2 yard of this pretty Curvy Stripe blue from Kelly Lee-Creel Storybook lane.

The cushion body is from Ikea, measuring 50cm X 50cm, for $4.50.

The middle panel is from my Trumpet dress, Michael Miller Backyard Baby Windy Day Aqua. I just love how sweet it looks together.

For the back, I added Jennifer Moore Fox Hollow in Stripey Blue by Monaluna at the side and top. 

I didn't take photo of the making process but basically you just piece the pieces together and sew the zipper using invisible zipper foot on one side. Then, you put them right side facing and sew up the remaining 3 sides. Remember to leave the zipper half open or else you will not be able to turn the cushion cover inside out.

The cushion is a farewell gift for a colleague. I hope the receiver will like it.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ikea armchair cover

My sister bought my youngest a kids armchair from Ikea.  She loves the chair and called it her "Comfortable Chair".

The cushion on the chair was getting dirty and in need of a new cover.  She said "Mama, can I have purple please!" 

Cover made from Andover Kelly Lee-Creel Storybook Lane Good Girls Toss Doll in Purple and I only need slightly more than 1 fat quarter!   

For the headrest, I use Kelly Lee Storybook Lane Character and Treats in lavender. I just love how they compliment each other.

I hope the cover will last her for a while before I make her another.  Daughter no. 1 demanded that I use the remanent fabric for a coin purse since she don't have the chair. So, back to sewing now..

Friday, May 3, 2013

Swing Trumpet Dress

I made another dress for my girl using the pattern from Ottobre Summer 3/2012 issue on Trumpet Dress.  The pattern is a lined dress with pleats front and back and princess seams on the bodice with gathered shoulder straps. The sizes that is included are for older kids with the smallest size at 128cm so that's is just nice for my 8 year old.

I love the fit of the dress and I think the lining pattern piece will fit well as a dress on its own.  I use Aqua Tree and Swing fabric from Michael Miller for the shell and some grey cotton fabric as lining. It's very pretty and I regret only getting 2 yards from Fabricworm.  I also use the grey fabric for the waistband and the fake piping along the princess seams.

The instruction was really bare minimum like all Ottobre pattern so I had to think hard at some point, especially on the part of sewing the straps and turning the lining etc. In the end, I think it would be easier to sew only one end of the gathered strap to the bodice and then attach the other ends after you have turned the lining insides. Similar to what the Cambie's instruction on sewing the strap. I like the strap as it really reminds me of my cambie.

I also had trouble sewing the pleats as I accidentally fold the pleats into the seam allowance and had to unpick the seams twice in order to sew in the zipper.  I totally give up sewing the pleats for the lining and went for a quick gathering instead. It was just as nice and much faster, imho. But the pleats are very nice with the split in the front middle and the side seams as well as just below the 2 princess seams. Makes it very twirly.

I think the princess seams are also flattering for skinny girl like mine.  She didn't get  a chance to wear it yet as I'm thinking maybe this Sunday she can wear to church.  Until then, here's the back view. So pretty don't you think? Pity it doesn't come in smaller size cause my younger one kept saying "where's mine? not fair!" : (

Updated with photos of my girl in the dress.