Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ikea armchair cover

My sister bought my youngest a kids armchair from Ikea.  She loves the chair and called it her "Comfortable Chair".

The cushion on the chair was getting dirty and in need of a new cover.  She said "Mama, can I have purple please!" 

Cover made from Andover Kelly Lee-Creel Storybook Lane Good Girls Toss Doll in Purple and I only need slightly more than 1 fat quarter!   

For the headrest, I use Kelly Lee Storybook Lane Character and Treats in lavender. I just love how they compliment each other.

I hope the cover will last her for a while before I make her another.  Daughter no. 1 demanded that I use the remanent fabric for a coin purse since she don't have the chair. So, back to sewing now..


::jenn:: said...


I have the same chair as well... And wondering if you would be able to make one cover for sale.... Really love what you did there. :)

Eunice said...

Thank you Jenn. I'm afraid at this junction, I'm really sewing for own use and family and friends only. But if you are interested, I can do up a tutorial, if that will help : )