Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sparky Tutu Skirt

My friend's little girl just turned 6 year.  I made her a sparkly tutu skirt with ribbon trim. 

The lining is purple cotton and overlay with sparkly pink tulle with elastic waistband. I sew some satin ribbon on the waistband for added interest.

I hope she'll like it.


Germaine Cheong said...

Hi Eunice, I was looking for tutu skirts and came across your website. I understand that you sew for your daughters but am wondering if you will be able to help me sew one. We can definitely discuss cost. Please let me know. Appreciate your help!

Eunice said...

I'm not sure how complicated your tutu as I don't really do customized sewing for now..too busy with my current winter sewing. But I can guide you on the right path if you need. You can send me a private mail @