Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids Apron

I love love love this kids apron or bib.  This is a bigger size for kids who are learning to eat by themselves. The pattern is from  Cucito Spring 2013 issue.

The pattern piece is included in this issue and since it is only 1 size, tracing was a breeze.  Detailed instruction is given on how to sew. 

The back close with velcro and all the edges are bind with bias tapes. I use the 1/2" satin bias tape that I bought from Textile centre even though this call for a double fold bias tapes. So it will work, just be very slow and careful when you sew.
I cut the print upside down : (
but baby will get to see the print right side up when he wear right?
I made the blue bib for my colleague boy. Hope the boy will love the print.

Since I've already cut out the template, must well mass production right?

So I made 2 more for my brother-in-law's twins.  The print is so cute and cheery don't you think? I have used the same fabric but cut them differently so that they are not exactly identical.

The elephant cotton is from a shop in Chinatown and was told that this was from Japan so the price was higher but it was thick and holds the shape well.  I back the bib with a waterproof fabric that I got from Daiso and bind with Red satin bias tape.

For the other one, I bind with yellow satin bias tape.  With a different cutting layout, the bib looks very different right?

I hope the kids love their new bibs.  My 4 year old says 'Wah! So pretty." and she even tried them on. It fits, can you believe it? So, bib will last till 4 year old if they so desired! hahaha...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New PJs for 2014

I'm happy that I was able to keep the tradition of home-made PJ for them every Lunar new year. This time, I decided to make a knit PJ in dress which is more comfortable for our hot weather.  I've adapted the pattern from Ottobre 4/2013's Circus Horse dress using size 110 for my 4 year old.  Instead of a gathered skirt, I just lengthen the bodice and flare out to make a slight A line dress with raglan sleeve.

The star print blue sweatshirt knit is from Spotlight and the white knit (not sure of the content but it is thicker) is from  I love raglan sleeves as there is no need for setting of sleeves.  Ottobre is great as they give the measurement for the neckband so it was really helpful.

For my older, I use the same Ottobre issue's Ruler - striped raglan T-shirt as my base.  The 134 is slightly tight for my tall 9 year old.  I also lengthen the bodice to make it A line dress.  Added the kangaroo pocket.

The knit is really thin and but she loves it.  Next time, I must go 1 size up if I'm making a dress as PJ should be more loose fitting.

Like her sister's PJ, the raglan sleeve is really a breeze and I really like how it fits them so well.

I've bought some cute cotton print with colourful mermaids and originally had intention to make them PJ out of it. I even bought Oliver and S PJ pattern. So, maybe this year, I will make 2 PJs for the girls.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

'Bow'-tiful and 'Bouncyful' Valentine's Day Gift - Non Sugar!

Recently I've come to control the sugar intake for my kids.  During the Christmas and the holiday in Japan, my kids have stuffed themselves with lots of sweets, cakes, ice creams and many many sweet treats. It was so yummy, who can blame them. But the side effect of all the sugar in their bodies meant that they were hyper hyper active and uncontrollable.  So back to Singapore, we tried to regulate their sugar intake.  Not too successful but we are still trying hard..

So, for this Valentine's Day, instead of dumping more sugars on my kids and others, I decided to go sugar-free! Apologies to some of you who have prepared sweet treats of chocolates and cakes, I may go that direction again for next year, but for now, how about a Bow Hair Clip?

I'm too lazy and decided to buy these grosgrain little ribbon bows from a shop at Textile Centre.  The shop sells various size of bows and colours, all so pretty!  If I divide out the cost, each bow cost about 25cents. I think this is much better than me trying to make the perfect bow and sewing the small pieces together!

The alligator clips are also from Textile Centre that I bought in bulk some years ago form another shop there.  Using the hot glue gun, it was a breeze.  I hand draw the faces on colourful card stock and cut a slit and insert the clip. So cute right?  So how can I stop at 2? 

I made all 50 of them!

These are for my girl's school which they only allow blue bows since the uniform is blue.  I also made pinks but didn't take any photos.  

For my youngest, I prepared these instead for her friends and teachers at the Childcare centre.

Some bouncy balls that I got from Daiso. Add the tag " You make my heart bounce!" and they are good to go.  Cards and plastic holders are all from Daiso.

They are so excited to go school tomorrow to bring the gifts to their friends.  

Happy Valentine's Day, my virtual and real life friends!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tutu Dress - Chinese style

My girls love tutus.  So, I decided to make them a tutu dress for the Lunar New Year.

Little sister got the Pink and Green combo

While Big sister has the Purple and Pink combo

The pattern is from Violette Field Threads' Chloe.  The bodice fits both my girls very well.  But I did the skirt differently since it was really thick.

For the bodice, I added the bias tape trim to create a curve feature and add on 3 frog buttons.  The bias trim is also added to the bodice edge.

Instead of a separate waistband/ties, I just measure the desired length I want and insert them to the side seams.  Just make sure that you insert them about 1/2" or 1" above the bodice hem as you will need to account for the seam allowance that will get attach to the skirt.

I also do away with buttons since I really dislike sewing button holes.  Invisible zipper makes everything looks so neat don't you think so?

Have you notice something different here?  The skirts are detachable! This is more practical and versatile.  So, I use my satin and sew them a gathered skirt and attach directly to the bodice.

The detachable tutu was made up of 4 layers, excluding the inner skirt. I think it makes it more poof and so much more work to gather them! After I gathered all the tutus together, I attach them to a waistband cut from the same fabric as my inner skirt.  The waistband is then threaded with elastic so that they can take it off easily.

For my Big girl, I use pink for first layer, purple for 2nd, white netting for 3rd and pale yellow tulle for 4th layers.  The waistband is in purple, same fabric as her purple satin skirt beneath.

Little sister's tutu skirt is made with Green at top layer, pink on 2nd, white netting for 3rd and pale yellow tulle for the 4th layer. Her waistband is pink satin, same as her satin pink skirt beneath.

The dress without the tutu is just as sweet right? Pardon the crease, I've her tried it on before ironing.

They love the dresses.  So festive and yet versatile. They can wear it without the tutu and it is simple and sweet dress.

And if they feel like it, the tutu is really swingy and princessy.

They got lots of compliments from relatives and friends when we went visitation during the Lunar New Year. Felt so proud as their mama. : )

So, did you make any dress for this lunar new year?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is a celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. Most Chinese around the world celebrate this time with gatherings of families and friends, mixed with good (and overflowing) food and lots of fun, laughter and of course, feasting!

Usually, we will deck our homes with lots of store bought red decorations but this year, we decided to go DIY.  We made the deco hanging on our ceiling with different red packets. It was really fun to do it with the kids.  The lantern above is done by my husband. He has fine fingers.

I did this gold fish. It was hard! The body is made from 4 pieces of red packets and the tail with 3. We had to make a pair. I taught my kids to do it and we have 4!

And of course, we didn't forget the traditional lanterns made from 12 red packets. This is done by my 9 year old. I didn't teach her, she copied from the one we did last year. Smart girl.

This year, I was focus and did finished up their new year clothes and PJs.  More on these in the next post.