Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids Apron

I love love love this kids apron or bib.  This is a bigger size for kids who are learning to eat by themselves. The pattern is from  Cucito Spring 2013 issue.

The pattern piece is included in this issue and since it is only 1 size, tracing was a breeze.  Detailed instruction is given on how to sew. 

The back close with velcro and all the edges are bind with bias tapes. I use the 1/2" satin bias tape that I bought from Textile centre even though this call for a double fold bias tapes. So it will work, just be very slow and careful when you sew.
I cut the print upside down : (
but baby will get to see the print right side up when he wear right?
I made the blue bib for my colleague boy. Hope the boy will love the print.

Since I've already cut out the template, must well mass production right?

So I made 2 more for my brother-in-law's twins.  The print is so cute and cheery don't you think? I have used the same fabric but cut them differently so that they are not exactly identical.

The elephant cotton is from a shop in Chinatown and was told that this was from Japan so the price was higher but it was thick and holds the shape well.  I back the bib with a waterproof fabric that I got from Daiso and bind with Red satin bias tape.

For the other one, I bind with yellow satin bias tape.  With a different cutting layout, the bib looks very different right?

I hope the kids love their new bibs.  My 4 year old says 'Wah! So pretty." and she even tried them on. It fits, can you believe it? So, bib will last till 4 year old if they so desired! hahaha...

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Rob O'Neill said...

This bibs look like an apron. Maybe that is the reason why people keep calling it "bapron" (combination of bib and apron). This could be a very great thing to have. Love these stuffs!