Thursday, February 13, 2014

'Bow'-tiful and 'Bouncyful' Valentine's Day Gift - Non Sugar!

Recently I've come to control the sugar intake for my kids.  During the Christmas and the holiday in Japan, my kids have stuffed themselves with lots of sweets, cakes, ice creams and many many sweet treats. It was so yummy, who can blame them. But the side effect of all the sugar in their bodies meant that they were hyper hyper active and uncontrollable.  So back to Singapore, we tried to regulate their sugar intake.  Not too successful but we are still trying hard..

So, for this Valentine's Day, instead of dumping more sugars on my kids and others, I decided to go sugar-free! Apologies to some of you who have prepared sweet treats of chocolates and cakes, I may go that direction again for next year, but for now, how about a Bow Hair Clip?

I'm too lazy and decided to buy these grosgrain little ribbon bows from a shop at Textile Centre.  The shop sells various size of bows and colours, all so pretty!  If I divide out the cost, each bow cost about 25cents. I think this is much better than me trying to make the perfect bow and sewing the small pieces together!

The alligator clips are also from Textile Centre that I bought in bulk some years ago form another shop there.  Using the hot glue gun, it was a breeze.  I hand draw the faces on colourful card stock and cut a slit and insert the clip. So cute right?  So how can I stop at 2? 

I made all 50 of them!

These are for my girl's school which they only allow blue bows since the uniform is blue.  I also made pinks but didn't take any photos.  

For my youngest, I prepared these instead for her friends and teachers at the Childcare centre.

Some bouncy balls that I got from Daiso. Add the tag " You make my heart bounce!" and they are good to go.  Cards and plastic holders are all from Daiso.

They are so excited to go school tomorrow to bring the gifts to their friends.  

Happy Valentine's Day, my virtual and real life friends!

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