Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tutu Dress - Chinese style

My girls love tutus.  So, I decided to make them a tutu dress for the Lunar New Year.

Little sister got the Pink and Green combo

While Big sister has the Purple and Pink combo

The pattern is from Violette Field Threads' Chloe.  The bodice fits both my girls very well.  But I did the skirt differently since it was really thick.

For the bodice, I added the bias tape trim to create a curve feature and add on 3 frog buttons.  The bias trim is also added to the bodice edge.

Instead of a separate waistband/ties, I just measure the desired length I want and insert them to the side seams.  Just make sure that you insert them about 1/2" or 1" above the bodice hem as you will need to account for the seam allowance that will get attach to the skirt.

I also do away with buttons since I really dislike sewing button holes.  Invisible zipper makes everything looks so neat don't you think so?

Have you notice something different here?  The skirts are detachable! This is more practical and versatile.  So, I use my satin and sew them a gathered skirt and attach directly to the bodice.

The detachable tutu was made up of 4 layers, excluding the inner skirt. I think it makes it more poof and so much more work to gather them! After I gathered all the tutus together, I attach them to a waistband cut from the same fabric as my inner skirt.  The waistband is then threaded with elastic so that they can take it off easily.

For my Big girl, I use pink for first layer, purple for 2nd, white netting for 3rd and pale yellow tulle for 4th layers.  The waistband is in purple, same fabric as her purple satin skirt beneath.

Little sister's tutu skirt is made with Green at top layer, pink on 2nd, white netting for 3rd and pale yellow tulle for the 4th layer. Her waistband is pink satin, same as her satin pink skirt beneath.

The dress without the tutu is just as sweet right? Pardon the crease, I've her tried it on before ironing.

They love the dresses.  So festive and yet versatile. They can wear it without the tutu and it is simple and sweet dress.

And if they feel like it, the tutu is really swingy and princessy.

They got lots of compliments from relatives and friends when we went visitation during the Lunar New Year. Felt so proud as their mama. : )

So, did you make any dress for this lunar new year?


Rachna said...

Hi Eunice! I was looking for tutu dresses on net for my little girl and come across your blog. You have a beautiful blog I have explored few posts and I found them really nice. You are so talented and you make lovely dresses. My little girl's 4 bday is in march and I am planning to make tutu dress for her bday party...But as don't know much about the shops in Singapore to find all the items to make dress. Like crochet band, crochet top, and tulle....Can you please help me by providing ifo related to shops. I only know about spotlight where I did not find spool of tulle and crochet top and band. So can you please tell me where do I go to shop this items....and can you give me price much the soft tulle cost.
I will visit your blog again to explore your sewing posts:)

In Anticipation
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Eunice said...

I don't know a lot of shoots but usually I will go to Chinatown, Arab street, Textile centre, Spotlights etc. Maybe next time i will do a post on my favourite places. For tutu, I got from Chinatown but I saw it at a shop at Arab street.