Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New PJs for 2014

I'm happy that I was able to keep the tradition of home-made PJ for them every Lunar new year. This time, I decided to make a knit PJ in dress which is more comfortable for our hot weather.  I've adapted the pattern from Ottobre 4/2013's Circus Horse dress using size 110 for my 4 year old.  Instead of a gathered skirt, I just lengthen the bodice and flare out to make a slight A line dress with raglan sleeve.

The star print blue sweatshirt knit is from Spotlight and the white knit (not sure of the content but it is thicker) is from Fabric.com.  I love raglan sleeves as there is no need for setting of sleeves.  Ottobre is great as they give the measurement for the neckband so it was really helpful.

For my older, I use the same Ottobre issue's Ruler - striped raglan T-shirt as my base.  The 134 is slightly tight for my tall 9 year old.  I also lengthen the bodice to make it A line dress.  Added the kangaroo pocket.

The knit is really thin and but she loves it.  Next time, I must go 1 size up if I'm making a dress as PJ should be more loose fitting.

Like her sister's PJ, the raglan sleeve is really a breeze and I really like how it fits them so well.

I've bought some cute cotton print with colourful mermaids and originally had intention to make them PJ out of it. I even bought Oliver and S PJ pattern. So, maybe this year, I will make 2 PJs for the girls.

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