Monday, May 20, 2013

Invisible zipped cushion cover

I discovered that making an invisible zipped cushion is not that difficult.

And it save some fabric since I only got 1/2 yard of this pretty Curvy Stripe blue from Kelly Lee-Creel Storybook lane.

The cushion body is from Ikea, measuring 50cm X 50cm, for $4.50.

The middle panel is from my Trumpet dress, Michael Miller Backyard Baby Windy Day Aqua. I just love how sweet it looks together.

For the back, I added Jennifer Moore Fox Hollow in Stripey Blue by Monaluna at the side and top. 

I didn't take photo of the making process but basically you just piece the pieces together and sew the zipper using invisible zipper foot on one side. Then, you put them right side facing and sew up the remaining 3 sides. Remember to leave the zipper half open or else you will not be able to turn the cushion cover inside out.

The cushion is a farewell gift for a colleague. I hope the receiver will like it.  

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