Friday, June 15, 2012

Pillow & Bolster

Ever tried making pillow case and bolster cover? 
Seriously, it is so simple and I should have done this earlier. 

I just use my girl's existing pillow and bolster as a template.  For the pillowcase, I've gotten this cut cartoon print from a neighborhood shop at Kovan market. Added a side pocket to the pillow so that her little Dora doll can sleep with her too! 

For the bolster case, I've use some red polka dots grosgrain ribbons instead of elastic band to add the cute factor!

She just woke up and cried so her nose was a bit red.  I also made the a mattress cover for her in the same fabric so that she can have a matchy matchy nap set.  It's just simply sewing rectangles so no tutorial today.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, What a great idea to add the little pocket for her doll! My daughter would love that, so I will have to remember this next time I make a pillow case for her. Thank you for translating the Japanese text for me, it was very helpful and nice of you.
Kind regards,
Another dress.