Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bow-tie Racerback Knit Dress

Have you seen the Little Girl's Racerback dress from Crafterhours?

I fell in love with the dress instantly and love the colorful chevron knit print. As I intend to use up my stash, I decided to use the yellow floral knit print that I bought from Chinatown sometime ago for this.

It's a bit boring to use the whole print throughout the dress so I mix it with a white knit on top for both front and back.  Change the round neck to V-neck because I didn't stretch the neckband so it was loose and making it V-neck helped to hide the sluggishness.

You like the bow in front? It was also a last minute addition since I find the dress lack something in front.

The sisters posing here..

back view

front view
 I didn't make the little sister's dress but i would love to try it someday.

She loves the new dress. It's a dancing dress and so comfy.


Simple Simon & Co said...

Darling dresses! And I LOVED your skirt over at Crafterhours!

Eunice said...

oh thank you for the sweet comments : )