Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Baby

One of my church friends recently gave birth to a baby girl. I thought it will be nice to sew something for her baby since she knows how much I love to sew.  And baby clothes are so cute.

Before I move on, if you are my friend Hazeline, and if you are reading this..please come back again when you receive your gift this Sunday okay? Don't want to spoilt the surprise here : )

Okay, where were we? Yes, the baby dress.

The pattern is from a Japanese sewing book that I got from ages. I made a dress, a romper and a cute bow headband. The size of the dress is for 6-9M.  I'm very happy with the whole assemble. 

I love the peter pan collar on this dress. Its one of the reason why I chose this pattern. Don't you think it looks sweet?

For the first time, I tried the snaps on this dress. Not very perfect and but I'm still happy with the result. I thought the snap will make it easier to dress the baby.

Now, let's see the full dress shall we? The fabric is very soft floral print cotton from Spotlight.

What's a baby dress without the cute diaper cover? I originally wanted to make one but it didn't turn out well so I change it to a shorts with elastic leg opening.

I use a lace elastic and sew it around the leg opening after I've turned in the seams. It looks so sweet and pretty.

I also sew a tiny ribbon bow in front for added sweetness.

And finally, I use the lace elastic and made a pretty headband for the baby since it is so soft. I hope it'll fit eventually since I made it slightly bigger. I sew a piece of white fabric to hide the elastic edges.

I hope she will love them when she receive it. Here's for your new baby Hazel! Congrats on being a new mama...I know it's tough in the beginning (and for the rest of her life) but believe me, it is rewarding : )


Adithi's Amma said...

Super cute! Peter Pan color is a timeless classic, isn't it?

Glad to have found ur blog. We share the same wavelength as regards passion of sewing for kids. I love sewing for my daughter and my blog is named on that as meaning Adithi,s mom sews! I

i am from India and recently moved to KL, Malaysia. Found this blog wheni searched on Cutico magazine which I purchased in a mall today.

Hazy said...

Thanks for the baby dress. It's so pretty and I love it. Can't wait for Amelia to be able to fit into the dress.
~ Hazeline