Thursday, May 8, 2014

Galaxy Dress

I fell in love with this galaxy print cotton from It reminded me of a dress I saw from this Japanese magazine Female Autumn 2013 issue.

I was contemplating if I should sew up the exact version but I think the loose fitting dress is going to make me look preggy.

So I decided to sew up this dress from the cover of this Japanese book.  It's Simple Chic by Machiko Kayaki.

I think the dress is quit unique since it has 2 diagonal darts from the side waist up.  You can just catch a glimpse of the diagonal dart from the photo below.

The lines on the dress is quite simple. A line with 2 darts so it will not clash with the busy print. The blue is so rich and it is a good weight to sew, not flimsy at all. I would recommend this if anyone is interested in galaxy print.

The above is the photo of the back view of the dress. The print seems to make the seams so invisible right? You can hardly see the invisible zipper at the centre back! I am so tickled!

The original pattern neckline is too high for my liking so I brought it down by 1". Maybe my neck is too thick. lol I line the dress with Japanese nylon lining fabric that I got from Spotlight. It is slightly expensive at $13 per metre but I think it is worth it because it is anti-static and feel so cool against my skin.

Here's how it looks on my dress form. I can actually zip up the dress! The original pattern dress length is really LOOONGGG. I took off almost 3" and it is just below my knee. I think might need to take off more. I'm 1.60m. Not sure if its because Japanese ladies like their skirt long or I'm too short.

Will be wearing this for the upcoming Mother's Day church service so no photo of me wearing it here. I might post a few celebrating photo later though.

My birthday is in May and I've a birthday surprise for my readers! Look out for it in my next post!

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