Monday, September 1, 2014

City Gym Shorts - S, M, L

Has it been 3 months since I've been away!?? Time flies.. the thing is, I lose my sewing mojo...

Tutoring a Primary 3 kid add with Term 3 examinations mean zero sewing time for me. I hardly could find the energy to sew. But the good news is, something caught my eyes and I just can't resist the temptation.  It's the City Gym Shorts by Purl Bee.

It was seriously so cute. I'm also not a gym person but I can't resist these cut shorts. They do as lounge shorts for me and it only needs so little fabric to make one.  I have lots of fat quarters laying around and these are just the right project to use them.

For my kids, I use the waist measurements to determine the size. For mine I use my hip measurements and just adjust the elastic bands since I don't like my shorts to be too tight or short. It worked out fine.

This one is for my 4 year old, using the 6-7 year old size since that correspond to her waist.  She is a cubby girl.  I use the Narwhal in Bloom from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric collection, at the front and match with a lilac cotton I've in my stash. I also use the Narwhal for the waistband but I got it upside down! oops.

The instruction is super clear. I attached the binding the traditional way as I'm not so confident that I can catch all the raw edges one go.  I think the making of the bias tapes is the longest process but the final product is worth it! I just watch korean drama as I iron them into the fold.

Next up, is for my 9 year old which I use the 11 year old measurements. She picked the dog fabric herself. I got these at a sale at Spotlight for $4/metre, thinking of gifting them to my girl as she is learning to sew. The blue cotton is from my stash, left over from my Iris shorts project.

I change the way I sew the waistband because I don't like to leave the gap on the right side for the elastic band. Instead, I left a gap in the wrong side of the waistband when I sew it to the shorts. Then, when I turn over and sew on the right side, i just make sure that I don't accidentally sew up the gap behind. After I insert the elastic, I then sew up the gap. It looks neater on the outside.

Lastly, I sew one for myself. I'm so happy that Purl Bee had one in woman size.  I used Sarah Jane's Summer Ride from her Wee Wander range.  It was gorgeous! I was hesitant to cut it up at first and had plans to make a dress or a bag but I'm not sure if I will dare to wear this bright dress so a short it is!

There is quite a bit of ease in the pattern cause when I choose my hip size, it was very loose fitting and the waistband measurement was 35"! So, I adjusted elastic band size. I think the loose fitting suits me but if you like to be more close fitting, do check against the paper pattern before you cut into your precious fabric.

All in all, I really enjoyed sewing these shorts. If you use store bought bias tapes, I would say it is a super quick sew.  I got order from my sisters so back to sewing again. I think I get the most satisfaction from sewing for people who appreciate handmade items!

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