Monday, November 21, 2011

Linen double tier dress

I've always wanted to sew a linen dress for my girl ever since I saw this from this Japanese sewing book.

This time, I've kept true to the original colour scheme and material. The only variation is the use of plain cream colour cotton for the inner layer. The original version has some print on it which I can't seems to find them.  I've also used a white cotton lace that I got from Daiso for the belt.

back view
If you have the same book as me, just a caution. Don't follow the instruction on the sewing of casing for the waistband. Looking at the photo, you will see that actually, you need 2 belt loops.  Thank God I double check the photo and sew on the belt loops.

This is really easy to sew. The more complicated part is when you place the inner and outer layer together, it should be wrong side of the outer fabric facing the right side of the inner layer before you turn them right side out. Kinda hard to explain but when you are sewing it, it will make sense.

Pretty isn't it? I'm thinking that it might also work on me : ) 


Craft Couture by T.C. said...

this dress is so very pretty..I think your girl will love wearing it. I think if you make one for two will look real adorable together! :)

Emily said...

So pretty! :) Love the colors you picked.

Eunice said...

Thanks! The linen is so soft and comfy too