Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Portable Mini DVD Player Pouch

Wow! What a long description or title for this little pouch. 

I can't think of a creative name for it so I shall call a Spade a Spade - A pouch for my portable mini DVD player!

I've this mini DVD player that I put in my car to entertain my girls while we travel around. It keeps my kids engaged and I've some peace. If not, they will either be pulling each other hair or pinching, biting each other literally. It's a phase that all 2 year old has to go through but it's a pain for all, especially the big sister who had suffered a few bites from her fiesty sister.

Anyway, back to the main topic. I know there is this DVD player that you can install in your car but it's expensive and I don't really want to waste monies on that. Call me stingy or thrifty but I just don't want to spend monies on these.

But the DVD player is in need of a holder to set it up straight so that the kids can enjoyed it together instead of siting on the sister lap. So I made this simple pouch with velcro straps to tie them behind the headrest of the front driver carseat.

It's like a normal bag so I'll just jot down a few points for you if you want to make one. I've used home deco fabric so it's quite thick and I didn't line the bag as I was in a hurry to finish it. 

The bag measure 9" X 7"

1) Cut 2 pieces of fabric measure 1.5" X 9". Fold in the top edge to the wrong side by 0.25" and another 0.25".  Press, pin and sew. Do the same for the the other piece.

2) Place the 2 pieces Right Side Facing, align edge and pin.  Insert the 2 straps to the 2 side seams at the top, face in. Sew with 0.25" seam allowance.

To make straps
a. Cut 4 pieces of fabric each measure 2" X 9". 
b. Fold 2 pieces Right Side Facing and sew all around with one side unsewn. 
c. Turn it Right Side out and top stitch along the long edge of the straps. Do the same for the other 3 straps.

3) Snip corners and turn Right Side Out. Press seams.

4) Then sew velcro onto both straps, take note of the facing as it is meant to cover the back of the headrest.

I've used this velcro patch that I saw in Daiso. It's a 5" X 5" patch and you can just cut the amount that you need. So convenient. The standard velcro strap is usually 1" and my strap is slightly less than that so this is useful. This one is also softer so easier to sew!

5) I've also sewn a button flap to close the bag when not in used so that the DVD player can be stored inside, out of sight when not in use. 

To sew the flap, cut 2 piece of fabric about 3" X 6". Sew them right side facing and left on end unsew. Turn right side over, press and top stitch. I first sew the button hole first on the flap before attaching it to the top edge of the bag.

pin the flap with the flap face down

flip the flap up and pin, sew it down
sew button on
You will recognised the fabric that I used from the yoga bag that I've sewn for my sister earlier that I got from Spotlight.

This is one of the kind and you can make it to put anything like toys, snacks or little books or CDs. With the velcro straps, it's detachable and so so portable!

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