Friday, January 25, 2013

Faux Leather Foldover Clutch

Yup! I've caught the bug to sew one up myself. First caught sight of it at Kristen's blog "Skirt as Top" and really love her doily foldover clutch. Then, chance upon Cherie's faux leather accent fold over clutch and I'm sold.

Bought half a yard of faux leather from Chinatown at $7 per yard to try out. They come in a variety of colors and I bought a pink, turquoise blue and brown to try out.

I use a leather needle for this project and widen my stitch as suggested.  It works okay and I'm surprise how easy it is to sew.

I love the gold metal zipper that I got from a shop at Textile centre. They don't have a lot and size is limited but I'm glad I bought some pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel pink, green and even teal and mint.  The one I got is 10" instead of the required 9". It was okay but i've to adjust the stitch to be closer to the edge in order not to step over the metal teeth. Even so, I had to pick out the zip tab at the end to make the zipper teeth fit into the clutch length. I didn't want to run out to buy new zipper so I made do with what I've.

Want to peep inside?  I line the clutch with Heather Bailey Nicey Jane's Church Flowers in pink, green and yellow that I got last year. I was perfect. I love the sweet color. Not sure what I'll use it for but definitely this will not be my last.


Jessie said...

Late comment but: it's gorgeous!! I LOVE the pink with the brown. Are you using personally or have you tried to sell it? I love that these clutches are getting so popular now. So functional but stylish. I've got way too many of them now :P

Doreen said...


The clutch is going to inspire me to make one for my next sewing project!I am so happy to have chanced upon your blog and read about your supplies buying tips in Singapore
Can you tell me where to get the faux leather from?
Thank you!

Eunice said...

I bought the faux leather from a shop at People's Park Complex at Chinatown. Can't recall the name but its one of the shops that sell lots of buttons, ribbons, zipper. Right at the end of level 2, near the toilets. Level 1 is the famous food centre. They sell in 1/2 yard or 1 yard. Hope that will help.