Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, My little Princesses

It's mid of January and I've not posted much except for the First Day of School post.  Lamentation seems to be the common theme for the recent month : (

January is always a busy month for me with the girls going to school and both of their birthdays fall in January too. As a tradition, I'll try to make a new dress for the girls for their birthday. This year, they wanted to be Disney Princesses - Belle and Aurora.

My eldest requested for Belle and I just love how it turned out. The chiffon shoulder shrug and overskirts really make the costume look so 'Belle', don't you think? The details on the overskirt is achieved using 8 thin elastic band. It was so easy and final effect so magnificent.

Princess Bell and Side Kick - Little Aurora!
I found this shop at Chinatown that sells lots of sewing accessories and found this chiffon rose in the exact yellow for the dress. It's quite pricy at $7 per yard but I love how the rose enhanced the look. Here I use the rose around the waist band and on the shrug.

Little sister is into Pink now so she wanted to be Aurora.  I needed to make her an overskirt so that her dress is like her sister but with a different style. She's into that 'I want the same as Jie Jie (sister)' mode now.  So, also made her a shoulder shrug in white satin and added a chiffon rose.  The shrug limited her movement so she took it off most of the time!

Here you can have a better view of the chiffon rose waistband. I hand sewn them onto the dress. The chiffon overskirts was just fold over and attach to the bodice before sewing to the main satin skirt.  I bought all the fabric from Arab street at $4 per yard.

I got their cakes from Bengawan Solo for $40 per Kg but it was delicious. I can't bake so I'll leave that to the professional.

I'm so glad I've finished the dresses way ahead of the time so it was less stressful. I got more order now for a Cinderella(s) and Rapenzul(s)!

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