Monday, February 18, 2013

Chevron Emmaline Dress

If you love sewing kids clothes you will no doubt be familiar with the Violette Field Threads sewing patterns.  I love their photographs and dreamy looks.  So, I finally decided to get their Emmaline and Chloe dress paper patterns.  I bought the paper pattern so it took sometime for them to be shipped to me but they did arrive finally.

I love the chevron print for the Emmaline dress shown on the pattern cover so I decided to follow the same for my girls.  I bought them in yellow, blue and purple from Riley Blake Design at Fabric worm. The blue chevron was made into my first Macaron dress. It so happen that my girls love purple and yellow so I made them into Chevron Emmaline Dresses.

The Emmaline dress is a beautiful floor length maxi dress with ruffled halter neckline.  For my 8 year old, I only have 2 yard so I didn't have enough to make 3 bottom ruffles so I adjusted to have only 2 layers.  I love it that the ruffle ribbon ties are adjustable and the elastic band at the back bodice allows for growth.

For my 3year old, I use 4T since she is quite chubby and the 2 yard is enough to make the dress with 3 layer of ruffles at the bottom. I think it really looks nicer and fuller.

Because of the chevron print, I've to make sure that the print runs horizontally so that it will look consistent.  The photograph on the pattern pack really helped me to visualize.  The pattern is pretty easy to follow and I have no problem sewing them up. There is also few pattern pieces to cut since mostly rectangle except for the bodice.

I'm not sure if the elastic that I got was more elastic cause the back bodice is not so tight and they tend to slide down when she sits down. But since they wear white t-shirts beneath the dress so it was no problem.

But the dress really twirl and is so romantic too. They got a lot of compliments when they wear them to church. Do you think it looks home made? In any case, I don't care since they are so happy with it and I'm so proud to be their mama!  I highly recommends the patterns, especially if they are in chevron!


L0V3Ash said...

They look great! I bought the PDF version of this pattern and have started working on it.Do you remember how you cut the skirt? I'm so stuck. I cut it the wrong way and can't figure it out. Thanks!

Eunice said...

I use the dress on the pattern cover as a guide on how to cut the fabric. You want the chevron to be running horizontal so fold your fabric so that your pattern pieces are laid with the chevron running horizontal. Hard to explain but it would still looks good if the chevron runs vertical : )

dana chiueh said...

I wish you would have made it higher around the neckline and perhaps around the back, or added an inlay around the "V" of the dress for modesty and such. I think it looks a tad bit more "homemade", as you say, because the girls are wearing white shirts under it. It sort of takes away from the whole appeal of the look. However, I love the fabric prints.