Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New PJ for the new year

Has it been a month since I last post? Oh time flies.

I did sew during my blog absence but just didn't get to take photos and edit them for the blog.  Hmm.. sewing is fun but writing a blog post sometimes ...hhmmm takes more energy than sewing, imho.

Anyway, here's the new PJs I sewn for the girls in 2013. It was done way before the Lunar New Year since I wanted to make it a tradition to sew them a new PJ every year.  I bought this cute Panda Heart cotton fabric from Spotlight at sale for $4/m. It was a steal! Immediately, I vision PJ with this cute print.

I drafted the PJ myself using a similar tunic I sew in a Japanese sewing magazine.  I'm very happy that the girls love them.  I had wanted to do a tutorial but really, lack of mojo and motivation and time...I'll just do a short note here if you want to take reference to make one for your kid.

The PJ is a tunic with a bottom piece since I think it is more suitable for my girls who prefer pants than dressing gown for night wear. It has button placket in front with V neck and sort of cap sleeves. The sleeves are part of the bodice as I was lazy to insert sleeves so since I'm drafting it, I'll just save a step. The lower half of the bodice is just rectangle with slight gathers attached to the top.

I made some variation between the sisters by giving my older girl some ruffles for the PJ bottoms.  For the little one, I added lace for the bodice and bottom.

The PJ bottom are just loose pants with elastic waistband.  The original tunic that I've based the PJ on was just a loose fitting bodice with no button closure. So, I took some time to draft that button placket plus the integrated sleeve bodice out. It was very rewarding to see them wearing it every night. Unless it's in the wash, they pull the PJ out every night : )

See, you can even do a ballet dance in them!

Just can't leave without posting a last photo of my cutie in her Panda Hearts PJ!

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