Friday, March 22, 2013

Easy Tiered Skirt from Simple Simon & Co


Seen this?

When I first saw this skirt at the Simple Simon & Co blog, I was immediately drawn to how pretty the fabric was together! I love the vibrant red gingham with the sweet baby pink print and the light aqua flora on the top tier.  The fabric are from The Simple Life by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs.

So, I decided that I want to copy that look for my girls. I found the fabric from one of our local store at Textile centre - Seng Mui Heng. They also have a bigger store at Chinatown but the store at Textile centre usually carry fabric on sale.  Recently I found out that they also has an online store.  But sadly, this line of fabric is not on sale.  Since I wanted it badly, I bought them at $16/m! But they only have the Main in Pink so I got the red gingham and the aqua floral from

As I was making for my 2 girls - 8 year old and 3 year old, I got 2 yard of red gingham (which I still have left over after cutting both skirts), 1 yard for the Main in pink and 1 yard for aqua floral. Only the bottom tier needs more yardage and how much you use really depend on how long you want each layer to be. I make the skirt length to be half way between the knees and ankle.

I really follow the tutorial to the T! For my 8 year old, I followed her fabric cutting measurement. The 2nd layer is 2 time the fabric width while the 3rd layer is 3 times the width. I also adjusted the length for each layer so the final length was about 23".  For my 3 year old, I didn't want to have the skirt too full so I made the 2nd layer to be 1.5 times of the width and the 3rd layer to be 2 times.  It worked out just nice.  Still twirly but not too overwhelming for my 3 year old.

If you have not tried this tutorial yet, I highly recommend it.  I really looks great on them and look so professionally done. You would have thought it was store bought.

If your girl is 7-8 years old, it is really easy to cut the fabric since you are taking the entire width of the fabric and just adjusting the length of each layer. I think I spent the most time sewing the gathers for the 3 layers but I did the 2 skirts in one evening so you can see it was really not too difficult. If I've the courage, I would love to have one myself : P

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