Thursday, April 4, 2013

Colour block skirt with Buttons

When I saw this skirt from the Japanese book that I borrowed from the library, I had in mind to make this skirt.

The skirt is knee length with color blocking. There is also a stripe of white in between the solid black and red.  What draws me was the row of buttons at the sides. The skirt don't have zip and the buttons are actually functional.

My color scheme was quite similar to the photograph. I use black and tangerine orange.  I added a strip of turquoise green piping in between them to give it some structure since my fabric was quite light. The piping really add some color pop and hold up the shape of the skirt well without the lining.

The construction of the button closure throws me off at first as I can't quite understand the diagram. Basically you interface the button facings and sew them to the back and front side of the skirt button placket. Then, you align the facing and sew them down at the front of the skirt. Hard to describe but you will understand when you see the diagram on the book.

The skirt has no waistband and you need to sew the waistband facing onto the button facing as well. There is a clear diagram on how to attach the waistband facing to the button facing.  Read carefully and just follow instruction. You will be surprise that everything just worked out when you turn them to the wrong side. It's kinda hard to explain but you will understand when you are doing it.

Got the golden buttons from Textile centre for the cropped jacket but didn't use them as my friends said  brown buttons suit the jacket better.  I'm glad the buttons didn't go to waste since they were quite expensive. The original design has more buttons but since my buttons are quite big, I used only 3.  Sewing buttonholes using my automated janome buttonhole options is really easy. I got 3 pretty buttonholes in no time.

My final skirt! I love the golden buttons closure and the piping and contrasting band. The skirt falls nicely at my knee and is so fitting like it's made for me. No funny gapping at waist or bunching at the hip. I think I'll use this pattern block for my future skirts, minus the button closure.

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