Monday, April 8, 2013

Green Floral Cambie

Oh...I love love love this dress! It's Sewaholic Cambie. I know, I'm a bit slow in catching up with the trend in the sewing world but better late than never right?

I'm not sure of the fabric that i made this with. Bought from Spotlight some time ago. It was quite soft to touch with some stretch in it. Love the green floral print and thought it would be nice as a dress.  I did View A as I was thinking maybe View B will look too 'informal' for office wear? I intend to wear it to office when I made it. But I will like to try View B in future and change the neckline to straight-across like the one in Sewaholic blog. 

What I love about the Cambie is I can adjust the strap last and this help me to do a better fitting and prevent any gaping problem in front. Also, I tried on the dress many times during the sewing to get the exact position of the strap so that my 'extra fats under my arm sync area' are properly covered with the positioning of the strap! Clever.

Another love factor is the pockets. Very neat and didn't add bulk. The depth of the pockets were just right for me too.

Here's the back view of the dress.  I did marking on the zipper and the waistband so that they will be aligned on both sides. It's important to do this step especially when you have a waistband because any mismatch will be very obvious. I learnt this the hard way when I was sewing the Macaron.

Tasia's instruction was really clear and she has some helpful tutorial in her blog that helped me a lot. Her tutorial on lining the Cambie is a life saver and really got me motivated to try this technique for other dresses with the same made-up.  See, so pretty even in the inside. This is the first time that I've sewn the inside of a garment that I've sewn.

The waistband was slightly off in the back but I'll live with this since it is very small difference and I think it matter more that the outside is matched up.

I've worn this dress to office and got many compliments. It has come to the stage that everyone in office will be asking me if I have sewn the clothes that I wear whenever they see me in new outfit. Sort of scary but at the same time, motivate me to continue sewing and improve myself.

I wore this to church during the Easter Sunday service. And I can say that I still love this dress. I'm thinking of making this into a peplum top too since the bodice is so fitting. What do you think?


Toni-Maree Fuller said...

I love the Cambie too! Yours is just gorgeous. I think a peplum would look awesome!!

Webmaster said...

Eunice, That is awesome. I would love to have that too. :) Miss you and the girls.

Joy said...

oHi Eunice,

I love your Cambie! It's so beautiful! Am glad to find your blog. I'm from Sg too and started sewing only this year.. Really wonder when I could sew a dress like this...... :)

Eunice said...

Thanks all for the kind comments. I also started sewing quite late but with lots of practice and googling, you can do it! Hope to find more sewing buddies in Singapore : )