Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello Mr Fox

My office colleagues are crazy with soft toys these days. You would think that only kids do that but no.  Who can resist those cute, soft and cuddly plush toy. I would have followed them if not for the price tag. A medium size would cost about $50!

Okay, I told myself I can just make one. Went to Spotlight one evening and got these cheery orange chevron minky selling at $14.99 a yard. I bought 3/4m since I only want to try making one. Because the pile is directional, you must get a least 3/4 yard. Else it will not be so comfy and smooth if you run your finger against the pile, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, drafted something on paper and cut out the body, hands, legs and ears. Sew them, stuff them and attached the buttons...in one night, you have the FOX!

Frankly, I was thinking of a Tiger but when I sew on the eyes and nose, it just speak FOX to me.

Sorry for the blurry picture. We were in the car and it was difficult to take photo. The fox is about the same height as my 3 year old, around 110cm when you add in the long legs. Long limbs are good. The arms can be folded and it looks like an angry fox. My girl recently had this habit to fold her arms when she is unhappy so I was laughing at how similar they look.

I bought the fox to my office to show my colleagues.  I was too ambitious and stuff it too full so the fox kept bouncing off my office chair every time I stand up from my chair. The ears look so small compare to the big fat body. So, with 2 triangles, 1 fat rectangles and 4 long rectangles, you got your plush toy for under $20! No bad!

Anyway, version 2 is coming up with both my girls demanding for one themselves. It was such a rewarding and easy project. The minky is so soft. If you are in Singapore, you can find them at Spotlight. There are other colors too. I bought polka dots and dots previously so if you are not greedy like me, 1/2 m will give you a decent size plush.

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