Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

A few year's back, we have changed the Teacher's Day to be on the first Friday of September and this year, it fell on 6 September.

Last minute, I sew up some pencil cases for my girl's teachers.

I've used some Moda Layer cakes (10" pre-cut squares) so that saved up the cutting time.

In floral, stripes and motif.

I took some time to choose the inner fabric.

Added a thin batting (from Daiso) and my new handmade tag (from Textile Centre)

Also had fun coordinating the zipper colors, some from Daiso and some from Textile Centre.

Here's the full range that I've made the night before Teacher's Day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eunice, stumbled upon your blog and am impressed by your sewing skills. Any tips for a newbie or someone who would like to pick up sewing?

Btw where is Textile Centre?

Thanks in advance
From kelly

Eunice said...

Thanks for your kind words. I read lots of sewing blog and really, the sewing blogs out there have been very helpful in guiding me in my sewing journey. Just keep sewing and you will hone your skills one day : )

Textile centre is at Jalan Sultan Road.