Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids Bag Pack

I finally tried my hands to sew a bag pack or a haversack for my girl.

Took the pattern from the Japanese sewing magazine Cucito for Kids and modified them.  Here's what I did:

  1. Upsize the bag to suit my 8 year old since the original one seems so smallish
  2. Create a side pocket for her water bottle
  3. Added the adjustable bucker to the straps

The fabric is left over from my last project from the Tiered skirt.  It's Tasha Noel's The Simple Life range.  I bought the 100cm 2 way pink zipper with 3 zipper tabs from Daiso. So, I managed to cut them so that I can use one for the front pocket and the rest for the main bag!

I forgot to take photo of the inner bag but it is exactly the same as the front without pockets. The back of the bag is quilted and interfaced with batting so that it will be sturdy to stand.

It is a labour of love but I'm so glad she loves it. So, the younger one is also asking for her bag. Time to cut up some more...

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