Thursday, August 1, 2013

Knit dress with stitched tucks (Butterick 5559)

This dress took way longer than it should. I've bought this purple double knit from Chinatown last year and finally cut into them.  The pattern Butterick 5559 is a close fitting above knee pullover knit dress with stitched tucks. I didn't realized when I bought it that the darts are cleverly hidden by the diagonal tucks running along the front and back of the dress.  Such clever details.  

It was really close fitting and I almost had a problem pulling the dress off my head! 

Closer look at the tucks.  Love the sun burst tuck details. Makes it interesting.

It was late at night when I sew this so I was really tired. No good since I should have match the tucks along the side seams. It irks me a little but nobody seems to notice but me.

Double knit is really stable and so it was not difficult to sew. But with the tucks and darts, the side seams did get a bit thick when I tried to serge the seams.  I do love the sleeve length, just nice to cover my fat arms.

I received compliment for the dress. It really seems to give a slimming effect on the wearer. It looks complicated but actually, as long as you trace correctly, sewing part is easy. I did use my walking foot and knit needle for this job. The stable knit does help too.


c(*oo*)o said...

I have this pattern but who know when I'll get around to making it.

Eunice said...

You should try it. It's not as hard as it looks. Just need to trace all the darts, which is the hardest. Using double knit which is very stable helps too!