Monday, July 29, 2013

Mock Two Piece Dress

Remember this dress?

from this Japanese Sewing Book?

I made one recently.  

Cutting was easy with only 3 pieces (bodice, skirt and ruffles). Sleeve is integrated with the bodice. I bound the neckline and sleeve hem with beige colored bias tapes.

 Waist is defined with elastic band around the waist area. The book suggested making a channel for the elastic band but I was lazy so I just zig zag the elastic band around the seam allowance. I think it works.

I've used quilting cotton for the skirt so it was a bit stiff and didn't drape so nicely. 
The ruffle was sweet.

The elastic at the waist created a blousing effect. I added belt, which is not visible in this photo, as I'm too lazy to make the fabric ties. 

My take on the pattern.

Pro: Easy to sew and only got 3 pieces to trace.
Definitely a beginner project with no zipper and buttons

Con: sleeve feels weird; next time I should just use regular set-in sleeve. 
Neckline also too wide for my liking (I'm using size 7).

Overall, I love this dress. 
The color combination is also refreshing and pretty.

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