Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Furry Vest - Simplicity 1787

A new warm vest for the upcoming holiday in Japan.

Pattern from Simplicity 1787 size 8.

The faux fur is from the earlier Neck Warmer project. I've used up most of the 1/2 yard that I got from Fabric.com. It's a pity that I got just 1/2 yard cause it is really soft and furry.  The inner layer is micro fleece in lilac.

Size 8 fits her well and I added the ribbon ties so that the vest will hold together.

Now, I just need to finish up my 3 wool coats and I'm all set for the trip in December!


cJ said...

I really enjoy looking at all your amazing winter projects!
Have a great vacation next month!!

Eunice said...

Thank you! The wool coats takes a while and I really hope I can finish sewing end of the month for my packing!

Hazy said...

Wow it's amazing that you can also make winter wear. I am always inspire after reading your posting on tour projects but alway do not have the courage to touch the sewing machine.

Eunice said...

hehehe...no lah. I just want to try something different. It's exciting to try new things and see it come to past. Don't worry, your skills will get better in time if you continue to sew.