Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilted Winter Coats

This time, my winter sewing is from one of my Japanese sewing book. This one even has an adult version, if I so wish to sew one myself I can do it.

This is a simple coat and only the hood is lined.  I've found this grey cotton pre quilted fabric from Spotlight recently and thought I can create this look with this coat. I lined the hood with a brown flannel with polka dots that I've in my stash for ages.

The dress has a front yoke.

Long row of buttons of course. There is some subtle pleats below the yoke. I love the button holes options on my machine, makes every thing really quick.  This time I even use the button sewing option and eliminated any hand sewing of buttons!

And 2 cute pockets.  I love the fold over details on the pocket top.  For my oldest at size 140, the pocket position is a bit low.  But for my younger at 110, the position is just nice.

Here's a close up of the front facing.

Here's the back view.  There is some pleats below the back yoke.

And of course, I've to make another one. How can I leave out the younger one? In size 110 which fits my 3 year going to 4 year old really well.

And there you have - 2 coats side by side.

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