Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rain Coats for the girls

I've caught on the raincoat sewing when I saw the cute raincoat by Jessica from Me Sew Crazy. Her tutorial at the Riley Blake Designs blog is so inspiring and simple to follow.

So, when I saw these colorful and cute raincoat fabric at Spotlight few weeks ago, I decided to pick up 3m to sew up 2 for my girls.  Nowadays, it's 2 or none for the girls. I chose the pink with red rain boots from the other available prints because it's so fitting for a raincoat don't you think?

I followed quite closely to the tutorial by tracing one of her existing jackets. Make the hood super big and the bodice wider and longer cause she will be wearing her normal clothes inside.  The sleeves are also very much longer so I can fold over to reveal the red polka dots lining. I use cotton for the insides which I also got from spotlight. The red dots matches the rain boots print on the outside.

I used the fabric cover button kit that I got from Daiso for this raincoat. The size is much bigger and it really looks cute. I only made one.

Sewing with the raincoat fabric was quite a challenge in the beginning. My machine don't like the texture so I got a lot of skipped stitches in the beginning. Changed my needles to various types and finally used the smaller size needles and it was quite okay. But when sewing through the layers, I use the thicker needles to go through the layers. Just test on scraps before you start cause the material is not forgiving and the needle holes will be permanent once you sewn over.

Some goofy photos of my girls wearing her new coat. She was very happy with it.

It was quite easy if your machine cooperates but the effort is worth it when I see her wearing it.  It took me a few nights sewing to make the 2, faster if my skipped stitch problem could resolve earlier.

I've not been sewing a lot these few days, busy with work and all. Have actually cut up the fabric to make another Iris shorts and 2 jackets for my girls. Just can't find the time to sew. Let's see if I can squeeze in some sewing to share on the blog..

Today is Singapore Independence Day or we called it National Day. Just watch the parade and mass display on TV.  The fireworks are awesome. It always moved my hearts when I hear the songs.

Happy National Day, Singapore!


Federica said...

Ciao! Sono Federica dall'Italia e ti seguo da poco tempo perchè mi piacciono molto i tuoi lavori e infatti anche questo è grazioso e anche simpatico! Complimenti!

Nancy said...

Hi Eunice, have been following your blog for a while but never comment. For the problem u experience, try getting a teflon footer :) Cheers

Eunice said...

Thanks. Will get a teflon foot if can find one: )

Eunice said...

I've used google translate the Italian comments. thanks for your nice words. You are so kind.