Sunday, September 2, 2012

Knit Tapered T-shirt

I made this T-shirt some time ago but didn't have time to take photo of the final product.  It's really comfortable T-shirt that I drafted myself.  I traced one of my favorite knit tee to get the basic shape but make it longer so that the tee will fall at my hip.

To save the steps, I only use one pattern piece.  Simply adjust the neckline and hem and you can get 2-in-1 template here.  For the neckline, I snip the front neckline but leave the ends uncut so that I can use both for the front and back! My front neckline is about 2" below the back neckline.

For front of the tee, I make the hem to be higher in front than the back. I use a curve ruler and draw the curve by just eye ball it.

For the back pattern, I also use the curve ruler to make a rounded curve downwards. You just add this piece when you cut the back piece.

Then, place your pattern on fold and cut the front and back out.  Because I've use a stripe knit, I need to match the stripe from the front and back so that the side seams match.  Remember to add seam allowance before you cut. I use 3/8" for all.

I also use the remaining knit to make a small cap sleeves. Sorry, no photo here.

For the sewing, just do the 4 steps below.

1. Pin the front and back shoulder seams together, Right Side facing and sew using 3/8" seams allowance. Press seams open and serge the seams.

2. Attach the sleeves to the arm hole, Right Side facing, and sew using 3/8" seams allowance. Serge the seams.

3. Place the front and back, Right Side facing, sew the side seams starting from armhole to the hem. Try to match the stripes. Serge the seams starting from the sleeves to the hem.

4. Fold over the neckline and sew using a twin needle.

Since the knit is very lightweight, I decided not the hem the sleeve and hem. If you are uncomfortable, you can fold over and sew using the twin needle. That's it. Easy right.

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