Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lovely Fabric

I've been fabric shopping recently. Online and 'real' shop. Tsk Tsk...when I should save money..Sigh. I just can't resist beautiful fabric. It doesn't help when I saw SALE plastered everywhere.
Fabricworm has now become my favourite. The selection is so wide for quilting cotton and shipping is super fast. But I did limit myself to a few at a time to make use of the shipping charges and sale coupons.
I love cheveron print and in baby blue? It's a winner! This one is Riley Blake chevron in small print. I envisioned my girls' dresses but now I changed my mind to use it myself. Will see how it goes..

Also got this beautiful voile from Anna Maria Horner, Little folks in Pastry Line Magenta. It's on sale now for USD$4.90 for half yard. It was so soft and will make a nice dress, I think. Now, just need to find a dress pattern to match.

And this one from Michael Miller, Tweedle Dee Tile Sea. Will make a nice skirt for the girls.  Or maybe even a skirt for myself?

This one is from Kelly Lee, Storybook Lane, Spring Meadow Blue. I love the vibrant colour. Wouldn't it looks nice as a maxi dress?

Besides the online shopping, I went over to Chinatown and found some great cotton fabric on sale for $3 per yard! I think it's cotton and it's so soft. They have some nice texture and good weight as a shirt or dress for my girls or me. I bought, hmm...10 yards of it! always need white cotton fabric right?

I haven't even share on the sewing books that I bought. Will share in my next post which I hope will 'force' me to settle down to real sewing instead of buying fabric and books!

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