Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sewing Pattern Sales

Where do you buy your sewing patterns?

In Singapore there is a limit to where to buy the Big 4 pattern so I went online and usually get it from Sewing Patterns.com. So far, they have been fabulous. Fast and I can get most patterns from the big company there.

I usually buy when there is a sale. There is a sale going on for Simplicity at USD$2.99 for one. Plus shipping and I usually get a few, it comes up to about USD$7 for one which is much cheaper than if I get it from Spotlight.

These are just some of the pattern I got from them recently.

I also bought some swim suit pattern from Kwik Sew.  They are on sale now at USD$7.99.

I made a swim suit for my girl using the above 3785 for my 7 year old using M. The size is right.  For my 2 year old, I used the now out of print K3606 but alas, the XL size is still too small for my chubby baby! I was so disappointed.  The pattern is so cute but..it was not to be.
So, in order not to waste the pattern, I will give away the pattern to any of my reader who is interested to have it! The pattern pieces are uncut and Kwik Sew really has good instruction on sewing with swim suit materials and elastic. So far, I can't find the Kwik Sew pattern in Singapore so for those of you who are interested, let me know at the comments column. If more than one reader is interested, I'll just random pick the number.  Apologise that this is for Singapore only and you have to pay for the postage which I will discuss with you if you are selected.
So, if you are drooling at the patterns, wait no further as the sale will end today!

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Alika Thompson said...

Thanks for all your great posts! I would love to try out the kwick sew pattern for baby swimsuit. I live in us and can pay shipping. Sales@easysp.com is my email. Thank you again!