Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas came and had just gone past midnight for us here at Singapore.  How was your Christmas. Though we have no snow here but it was really festive with lights at our Main shopping streets and the malls.  I enjoyed a Christmas steamboat lunch with my family today so it was really good get together with the family and friends.

For the past weeks, I've been so swamped with work and Christmas shopping/sewings that my blog has been neglected. In any case, I was not able to share any sewing projects since most of them are Christmas gifts. But the good new is I'm now able to share what I've sewn!

These cute coin zipper pouches were so cute and simple to sew. I've used the Circle Zip Earbud pouch tutorial from Dog under my desk.   Except that I didn't interface them since I've used fleece for my inner layer so that gave them some shape. Also, I didn't top stitch over the finished pouch since I like it more puffy this way. It's so easy and I whipped up 35 of them in a few nights of sewing.  I was able to make 2 from one layer cake (10" square). The layer cake was bought long ago so I don't have the name  and the colorful zippers are bought from my regular shop at Textile centre for 28cents a piece.

I also sewn some cushion covers for my friends.  I love how they turned out. First time I did piping and it was quite a learning experience but not too difficult, just need to sew very close.


piping at the corner. so pretty!
I was so happy with how the cushion turned out that I sewn up another 2! I especially like the one with the rice grain print on the front.

I also used piping on this one. Both the pink and green ones were bought from Textile centre. I think I got 12 packs for $6.

And of course I made a black apple doll for one of my friends who requested for it.

This year I didn't sew all the gifts and buy some from the stores.  I think it is a better arrangement since I are not so stressed out and I get to spend more time with my girls since school will be up in a week's time.  The girls' birthdays are both in January and I'd order to make 2 birthday dresses. So back to the sewing room and hopefully I"ll not be distracted to sew other things.

Will share a simple tutorial on this pouch which my 7 year old girl made to put in my store bought gifts.  Yes, you heard it. It's so simple that a kid can sew it in 30minutes.  : )

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