Friday, December 28, 2012

Simple Cinch Pouch

As mentioned in my previous post, my 7 year old made this in 30 minutes. To be more specific, I've helped to cut the pieces out and helped her to do some pinning while she did the sewing and inserting the ribbons.  But I'm so proud that she did sew them up herself!

- one layer cake (10" X 10") of fabric A for main pouch and 1/2 layer cake (10" X 5")  of fabric B for the ribbon channel.

We have used a layer cake (10" pre-cut square) that helped to speed up the process. Each layer cake can make 1 pouch. If you don't have a layer cake, it's ok. Just cut out 2 pieces of fabric 10" X 5" each.  For the ribbon channel, cut 2 stripes of 2.5" X 10".

- 2 grosgrain ribbons of 24" long

1. Cut the layer cake A into 2 of size 10" X 5" each

2. Cut the layer cake B into 2 stripes of size 10" X 2.5" each. Keep the bottom portion for another pouch if you want.

3. Pin one of the 2.5" stripe to the main panel along the 10" side. Remember, Right side facing each other.  Sew using 3/8" seams allowance. Zig zag the raw edge or use a serger if you have one. Press the seams upwards towards the narrow stripe. Do the same for the other piece.

4. Pin the 2 pieces Right Side facing, align the edge as shown below. Take careful note of what I'll be explaining below.

a. When you pin the 2 pieces together, mark 1" below the top (see pink line). This will be the indication of the start of the ribbon channel that you will have to leave unsewn. 

b. Start sewing from the right top corner and stop before the pink line. Then start sewing again at the joint between the stripe and main pouch body, down the bottom of the pouch and up again on the left side of the pouch.  Remember to stop sewing along the joint and then start sewing again from the pink line to the top of the pouch. 

c. The reason for leaving the gap on both the left and right seams is to make the ribbon channel which you will understand in step 6.

5. Press the side seams open and zig zag or serge the raw edge on top.

6. Fold the strip about 1" to the Wrong Side of the pouch (i.e. fold the strip into the inner side of the pouch) like so. Pin and make sure that the gap that you have left earlier is nicely place along the top folded edge. 

7.  Sew carefully along the stripe so now you ribbon channel is completed with 2 openings along the side seams!

8. Cut 2 pieces of grosgrain ribbons about 24" long. Insert one ribbon from one opening though the whole channel and exit from the same start point.

Insert the other ribbon through the other opening and out again from the same start point. Tie a knot and make sure that the ribbon is not twisted in the channel.

9. There! Your finished pouch with the 2 ribbons.

This is how the pouch will look when you cinch it.

So, go ahead and make 4 more! They make a nice pouch to put in small gifts. We are able to put in a box of Evelyn and Crabtree hand cream in one since it is longish and is the perfect size. Now, don't you want to try them out yourself?

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