Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tea towel turned Apron Skirt

Who will ever thought that this used to be tea towels?!!

If you are a regular to Ikea, you will probably recognize this set of pink floral tea towel set from the kitchen section in Ikea.  I bought 2 sets to make this skirt. The front and back are made from 2 tea towels.  And the front apron is from another tea towel in the set.

Sorry, no tutorial here. Basically, you just remove the stitches from the side and sew 2 tea towels together along the side seams. No need to hem the skirt since it is already done on the tea towel!  I've cut out the front apron according to the length that I need and sew them below the elastic waist band. Just make sure that the apron length is slightly shorter than your skirt.  I then fold over the top of the skirt to make the waist band and insert the elastic band.  It's a bit thick so I think I should have just cut off some width from the tea towel to make the gathers not so tight and thick.

Anyway, my girl loves the skirt.  So vintage and "farm-ly" if there is such a word. I love the rose print on the checked apron.  Nice to twirl around too since it is so full.

So happy for this simple sew.  Refashion is so rewarding sometimes when you just need some inspiration.

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