Friday, September 17, 2010

Dresses for Spring and Summer

When my sisters got to know of my blog, they read with interest and gave encouraging words. Thanks sis! They reminded me to also put up the past works that I did for my girls. So, I decided to do just that while I'm still at this.

I've misplaced the powerpuff girl green dress that I've made for D1 few years back but found this one that I've made last year in pink and green flower. As I've got extra fabric left, I made her a matching handbag to carry. The pink satin ribbon really brings out the colour and smell of spring, or so I thought : )

She loves the dress and wore them to her school consecutively for few weeks! I had to ask her to stop wearing else her teachers would have thought she had no other clothes to wear. Anyway, I've very pleased how the dress turn out to be as I've also made a lining with the dress - a first for me : ) (beam..)

Last week, I decided to do any dress for D1 and the baby. It would be cute to see them wearing the same dresses, I thought. So, made the simple dress that brings in the summer feel. Added the lace around the neckline to soften the effect.  As the baby is wearing it, I made it without zip, but with button and elastic band at neckline. Haven't had a chance to let them wear it. Maybe I'll give them this Sunday for church services.

Spring comes to town today!

Summer dress for Big Sister & Baby

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