Monday, September 20, 2010

Knick Knacks Tutu

Over the weekends, I've sewed a nice tutu for D1. I've read about a tutu online that you can insert little knick knacks into the tutu skirt and has nice ribbon running around the waist. Think it was Martha Stewart's show.  I've made some localised adjustment in terms of size and measurement.

For those of you who are game to try this, it's pretty easy. Just some basic sewing skills (you don't even need a sewing machine, just that it'll save time if you have one) and lots of imagination.

60" X 1.3 m length of tulle
1" riboon of length 82" (cut into 2 strips of 22" and 60")
knick knacks / confetti or pretty things etc
same coloured thread

1. Lay the whole length of tulle and fold twice lengthwise so that now it's 4 layers and the width is 15". 1 side is the folded edge (which will be the waist) while the other side has 1 folded edge and 2 raw edges.

fold twice lengthwise

1 folded edge and 2 raw edges

2. At the folded long side (opposite to the raw edges side above), measure 1" and tack with pins the whole length. This will be your waist.

1" waist
3. Next, fold the short side in by 0.5" and sew tight. This will ensure that your knick knacks don't fall out when you sew later.

Here the waist line is below and the side 0.5" is pinned down

sew 0.5" side seam down
4. Now is the fun part. Throw the knick knacks into the other open side seam. I've used D1's hairband, hairclips and necklace for this projects. She seldom use them and can't bear to throw them away. So I've recycled it and put them in here so she can admire them twirling when she spins! You can use anything you want with your imaginations. Sew the 2nd side seam down so that they are trapped into the tulle pocket.

5. Use the biggest thread length on your sewing machine (or use gathering stitch) to sew the 1" waist length that you have earlier pinned. Be sure to leave a long thread at end of your tulle so that you will be able to pull the thread later to gather the waistline.

6. Take the centre of the tulle at waist length and mark with a pin. Then take the 22" ribbon and find it's centre and pin it to the centre of the tulle. I've use 22" as D1's waist is 22" so you can adjust it accordingly. After you have pin it down, flip the tulle over so that the ribbon now is below the tulle.

flip the tulle over so the ribbon lies below the tulle
7. Pull the gathering stitch on 1 end so that it gathers nicely and fits into the length of the ribbon. Wrap ends of ribbon on tulle and pin the position. Do the same for the other side of the tulle.
pull thread at end to form nice gathers at waistline
Wrap end of ribbon to tulle after you have gather the stitch

View of tulle with all the pins and gathers
8. Next, lay the other 60" ribbon on top of the tulle so you have the sandwich of ribbon, tulle and ribbon. Find the centre of ribbon and pin to centre of tulle. Try to fit the tulle inside the ribbon so that it is not visible outside the ribbon sandwich.

front of tulle with 60" ribbon pin nicely on waist
see back of tulle with ribbon edge folded nicely in the 2nd ribbon
9. Sew the ribbon to the tulle slowly from the short side, making sure that the tulle is within the ribbons sandwich. If you are using the sewing machine, at end of short edge, leave the foot but keep the needle in the tulle and turn the tulle and start sewing lengthwise down to the other end.
Start from short end first

Finished tutu
That the end of the tutu tutorial. The final length of tutu is 15". You can adjust the length if you want it to be shorter or longer. I'll post the picture of her wearing it soon!

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