Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Fabrics

I had recently ordered some fabric online for my sewing endeavours. The array of fabrics really excites me and I wish I can buy all but limited $$. Some online store like offers really good values especially now that USD has dropped against SGD. So, I took the opportunity or rather excuse to buy some for my projects. You can see some of my purchase here. 

can't resist this. I love Amy Butler fabric
Kate Spain for Moda

Fandango by Moda

Couldn't resist to buy a Amy Butler. Probably use them to make a diaper bag or something. Bought lots of Moda fabric as I was thinking of making quilt for the 2 girls and maybe trims for their dresses, bags etc etc. : )

To save cost (as the purchase is in USD), I've made use of VPost at Singpost to purchase.  I've used them before, so quite ok with the arrangement. Basically, you can make use of the free shipping within USA and just pay for the shipping cost from USA to Singapore.  VPost will provide the USA address for you to key into the website so that the package will be delivered to that address and from there, Singpost will compute the shipping cost and inform you to pay before they ship to Singapore. Hopefully, I can see my fabric next week. yeah!


Pang said...

Dear Eunice,

What a lovely blog! I enjoy seeing your projects and your passion on fabric and crafts.

There is a fabric shop I'd like to recommend you to have a look. It is Sanderson. Their fabric are lovely. They have a branch in Singapore too ne. Please enjoy. I hope I will finish my blog and share my passion with you so soon!

mata ne!

Eunice said...

Thanks! Will look for it. Just got a shipment from So pretty. Will definitely look out for your blog soon. Let's keep crafting yah?