Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reversible lunchtime bag

I've always been interested in bags since young. I'll never have enough of bags, and my husband can testify to that! Bags for work, bags for church, bags for baby things, bags for shopping, etc etc. Big, small, fabric, leather, I love them all! So, I thought, the next step will be to make some with the beautiful fabrics that I've.

And so I did! Last night after I've finished making that blue lining for the blue tutu skirt I've made earlier, I went on to finish a reversible bag. I was thinking that I could use it when I go out for lunch. As it's a reversible bag, I chose a pretty pink floral print and a matching solid pink cotton so that both sides looks very sweet.  See the pretty bag below? I love the flower print and the reversible matching handles : )

It's not very difficult but tricky if it's a first time for you. Game to try?

Materials (you will actually use about 0.33m but if you are buying, min cut is 0.5m)
0.5m floral print cotton fabric for the outer piece
0.5m cordinated pink cotton fabric for the inner piece and base
fusible interface for the handle or bag if you like

Cutting Instructions (included a seam allowance of 0.7cm)
Floral print fabric
Main outer body -  30.4cm X 27.4cm (2 pieces)
Pocket - 14.4cm X 12.4cm (2 pieces)
Handles - 26cm X 5cm (2 pieces)

Pink fabric
Inner body - 30.4cm X 53.4cm (1 piece)
Base - 18.4cm X 13.4cm (1 piece)
Handles - 26cm X 5cm (2 pieces)

Sewing Instructions
1. Place the 2 pieces of the pocket fabric with right-side (floral printed side) facing each other and sew around the pocket like a U shape leaving the top middle portion (about 4cm) unsew. Do take extra care if you are using print fabric as you don't want your motif to be upside down when sew the pocket. The opening side is the upright facing.  I've used the same fabric for the pocket but you can use the pink fabric for the inner layer of the pocket if you like.

2. Turn the fabric inside out from the gap on top so that the right-side (floral printed) face outside. Sew the top (unsew edge).

Sew pocket on inner bag
3. Fold the pink fabric for the Inner bag into half with the wrong side facing in. The folded fabric is now measured 30.4cm X 26.7cm.  Then, cut a 6cm square piece off the folded edge corner for both sides.

4. Place the pocket piece on the pink fabric. Placement of the pocket is up to you but it should be centralised and not too high or low as you will cater for the handle and base of the bag. Pin the pocket in place.

5. Open up the pink fabric so that it now looks like a Fat I. Sew the pocket in U shape leaving the top unsew.  You don't want a sealed pocket do you? : )

back view of the pocket sewn onto the pink fabric
 Inner bag
6. Fold the pink fabric again but now with the pocket-side facing in. Sew down the 2 side seams as shown.

7. Open the side seam and fold the botton opening (6cm square hole) inward and sew a straight seam across to close the hole. Do it for the other seam.

8. Now this will be the inner bag waiting for you to insert into the floral outer fabric. Keep this aside first.

Outer bag
9. Next, place the 2 floral fabric (wrong side up) with the pink fabric for base (wrong side up) in between as shown below. The pink fabric will form the base of the bag and note that the 0.7cm seam of the pink fabric will overlay the seam allowance of the floral fabric.

10. Sew the long edge of the pink fabric onto the long edge of both floral fabric as shown. Make sure that alignment of the pink fabric is in the middle of the floral fabric as you don't want your base to be loopsided.

11. Fold the floral fabric with right-side (floral print) facing in and sew the side seams, just like how you did the inner piece. Open the seams and sew the bottom opening together to form a base.

sew along the left & right seam with fabric print face in

sewn seams at bottom of both bags

Put 2 bags together
12. Put the inner bag (right-side facing out) into the outer bag. The outer bag is right side facing in. Note the side seams should align. Pin them in position and sew around top edges, leaving a 4cm gap.

2 right sides face each other or if you turn it out, wrong sides face each other. align side seams

13. Turn the bag inside out through the gap and sew the gap close.

14. Fold the 26cm fabric (right-side outside) lengthwise from both sides so that it is now 2.5cm in width. Do so for all the 4 strips. You can iron to make the seams straight.

15. Put a fusible interface on the wrong sides between the floral fabric and the pink fabric so that it is like a sandwich. Iron them in place and sew the 2 long edges, wrong sides together. Do that for the other 2 strips.

16. Pin the strip in position that you desired. I've used the pink facing strip for the floral outer side and floral facing strip for the pink inner side for contrast.  Secure them in position by sewing 1 round along the edge of the whole bag. Make sure that the strip seams are sewn inside.

17. Tada! You have your nice reversible bag. : )

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