Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I've been up to

I'm still waiting for my shipment of fabric to arrive from the States. In the meantime, my hands ache to do some project with the existing fabric I've. I've this Jelly Roll fabric which is very sweet pastel and I thought it will make a very sweet pencil case.

Took my some time to come up with the design and layout of the case since it will be made from stripes of 2.5", it's a challenge to keep to that size. As I'm working out the design as I go, I didn't take much photos so today's blog will not be a tutorial.


Basically I've cut smaller strips of print from 4 Jelly Roll strips to form a pattern for the front of the bag. The front top and bottom pieces and the back are made from 1 strip (42"). I even do a small pattern behind the bag of the same 4 strips behind. Sound complicated? Well, it's kinda labour intensive to lay the fabric and sew them one by one but I'm satisfied with the end results since it's very sweet looking : ). I've even created a fabric tie on the zipper pull tab!

Yesterday was 1 October - Children's Day. I took D1 to Ikea as it was her favourite spot but boy, all the kids in Singapore were there! She didn't get to go into the smartland cause there were 110 kids in queue before her! Decided to drop her at the children department and took a walk to the textile department to take a look.  Saw a quilt cover and pillow set for $9.90! Guess what I'm going to do with it? Make a guess. I'll post about it next time.

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