Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm inspired for another tutus

I'm inspired again to make some more tutus for my girls. One of my cousin from my husband's side is getting married next month. I was thinking that it will be fabulous if I can make a matching fairy-like tutus for my 2 girls as D1 is given the big role to be a flower girl! Well, the baby is still too small yet but it will be cute to see them wearing the same tutus. 

I was also inspired by these beautiful tutus that I seen on Esty here and here and here. So beautiful.

Was thinking if I should order them instead of pulling hair making one. Ain't they beautiful? Oh well, my husband would say that I should just try my hand on it since the wedding is come in 2 weeks time, the shipment may not get here on time. Hmm...if I'm successful, I may even make one for myself : o P
We'll probably look like the 3 fairies in the sleeping beauty. hahaha...

ok. got to stop dreaming now. All these thinking and browsing really makes me excited. Hmm.. got to quickly get the tulle and ribbons for the big project now.  Will definitely post them if that come to pass.

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