Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pretty changing mat with diaper pocket

As mentioned yesterday, I decided to sew a changing mat for my baby. As I've to manage my girl and baby alone every sunday to church, I realised that I need to have great organising skills else I might be leaving something essential behind without realising it. I remembered once I forgot to bring wet tissue and panic when she poo poo in her diaper : - (

Well, to do that, things got to be organise in category. Diapers, wet tissues, changing mat, nappy cream etc need to be put together in 1 pack. Since I'm making a new changing mat, I thought why don't I make a bag cum changing mat so that I can also carry all these items without having to pack them separately. That will minimise the possibility of me losing the items. Great idea huh!

changing mat nicely folded up

And that's what I did. I made a very long changing mat and fold up the bottom part to make the pocket where I can store her diaper, cream, wet tissues etc etc. The finish size is about 28.5" by 15".  I've use Nicey Jane fabric for the outer layer and polyester fabric with light batting for the inner layer. It has a thin padding so baby will feel comfortable lying on it and it's waterproof! Ha, I can wash it in the washing machine or just wipe it with wet towel and it's good to go.  It even has a nice ribbon with velco tape to tie them up nicely.

nice big pocket for diapers, cream and wet tissues.
open up with pocket and ribbon tie

Doesn't it look nice? Now I can bring it around proudly as this is uniquely mine. Plan to sew her name on the ribbon or something later. Maybe I should make some and sell them. I've got many nice pretty fabric...anyone interested? :o)


tspoon said...

What did you use to make it waterproof?

Eunice said...

The fabric that I got is like vinyl so it is waterproof already. Furthermore it is padded so provides some cushion for the little bottoms! Got those from Spotlight a few years back.