Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm back!

Did anyone notice that I was missing in action for the past 1 week? Well, I was away from the island. Guess where was I? ahem..I was on Outward Bound Singapore!

Surprised? Well, for those who knew me. I'm not a very outdoor person and I actually dreaded to go for this 5 days cutter course that I was kinda 'volunteered' to go. But, I always knew that the experience we get will be a direct result of our attitude. So, when I board the boat to OBS, I told myself to be positive and open to receive new challenges.

the cutter we were on for the 2 D 1 N trip

Indeed, it was a really fulfilling but tired experience. I enjoyed the new experience on the cutter and made new friends. It was difficult at first to put aside my kids and work for this course but I'm glad I took the challenge to try it out. As we are on the island, it reallys give us time to reflect on our actions and our directions to take. Like the small rudder that dictates the direction of the cutter, our small actions may have greater impact than what we think if we are not careful. It's important to work together to reach our common goal. I felt much rejuvenated and happier to go back to work with the new found insights and friendships.

So now, I'm back to finish up my sewing. Had intended to finish up a quilt for D1 but had to do the last minute packing so it was left to the binding stage. Will try to finish it up tonight so that she can bring it to her preschool. She was really looking forward to bring them to school.  Will share more on the quilt when it's done.

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