Friday, October 8, 2010

Bibs for Babies

I did it! Was trying to find time to do some sewing the past few days but really too busy with work and the children. Finished 2 bibs last night! Was immensely proud of them. 1 is for my best friend's baby boy and the other for my little baby.

I've sewed the first initial of their names on the bib to make it special and unique. This will not be a tutorial as I've done it fairly quickly and didn't take much photographs till I finish. But if you want to try it at home, you can just take a bib that you have and trace the outline on 2 pieces of fabric (front cartoon fabric, middle fabric and nylon fabric). I've use the nylon material for the backing as I want it to be water proof else the bib will get wet with the baby's drool and soil the clothes.

The first one for my friend's baby is blue with car motifs and blue trimming. This one takes longer time as I made the bias tape myself since I couldn't find the same colour. I used the special sewing stitches to make the pattern around the trimming. Nice?

My baby's bib is more plain as I've used the left over stash (see the resemblance of the once pillowcase?!!) and cut 2 fabric for the middle piece and backing.

Anyway, I've just finished a fantastic book that really inspired me to pursue my dream and passion. It's called "Live what you love". I'm attracted by what this say on this back cover "Have you ever dreamed of turning life upside down and inside out, and really living as your heart would have you? Do you push your dreams out to 'someday' conditioned by 'if only'? Are you stuck between the life you have and a life you would really love?" 

Wow! powerful. I felt that way sometimes. So I'm trying to live my life daily with passion. To do things that I love. I can't change everything overnight. But I know I can change little things in small way myself. Like taking up sewing and be creative in creating something that I love for my beloved family and friends. It brings great satisfaction to see their eyes lit up when I gave them the things I've sewn. Somedays when I've more time and made enough of my pieces, I'll be able to sell them and live my dream to 'live what I love'!

oops. can't seem to turn it upright. nvrmind, you can still read the title right?


Webmaster said...

Hi Eunice, Those are nice. I am so proud of you. I wish to read that book too... so i can live my dream. Keep up. I'll drop by time to time. :)

Eunice said...

thanks! Hope you can all continue to drop by and will keep up the sewing too. U should also share some of your nice projects soon : )

Angela Jackson said...

Your bibs are awesome. The letter on the bibs make it special and more personalized.

Eunice said...

Thanks! I do enjoy sewing them but no more babies in the house though..